Schedule disinfectant services for your business in Chesapeake, VA

While you always try to keep your property free of visible dirt and grime, combating harmful bacteria and viruses takes specialized chemicals and techniques. In this time where thorough cleanliness is placed at a premium, turn to Al's Cleaning Inc. for professional disinfectant services.

Our cleaning services, offered in the Chesapeake, VA area, are personally tailored to suit your property's specific needs. We'll follow proper CDC guidelines at all times so you can keep your employees and clients safe. We clean doorknobs, counters, keyboards, phones, tablets, desks and other commonly touched surfaces.

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Why are disinfectant services necessary?

Cleaning with a cloth, soap and water isn't enough to stop the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. Professional cleaning services using powerful disinfectants will:

  • Kill virtually all germs on shared surfaces
  • Prevent germs from coming back in the near future
  • Ensure your business is following federal guidelines

Using sprays that can fully disinfect a room, our team is capable of eliminating germs from medical facilities, schools, offices and other commercial spaces. For more information, reach out to us today.